Deep (Hasta) Thapa Magar

Deep (Hasta) Thapa Magar from Waku-09 in Solukhumbu, a remote village two days walk from Lukla and two days walk from District HQ of Solukhumbu, Sallery.

His work experience entails

  • school teacher for three years
  • conveyor for community awareness classes, financed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • worked as program designer with the Global Service Foundation, Nepal
  • served as a volunteer in the remote villages with the Kharikhola Trust during the devastating earthquake

Deep is presently

  • Vice Chairman of Waku Development Society (Non-governmental organization)
  • general secretary Solu-Kathmandu Magar Welfare Center

and has wide travel experiences in remote areas of Nepal.

In his own words: During my service period, I have seen most of the NGOs and INGOs those who have been working in Nepal are focusing in the urban and where the roads and electricity facility is. But need to focus in remote areas where we can meet the real hunger of needed, where no electricity, no health centers, no well managed school and no internet and telephone services. Those people who are out reach of facilities. They need help; they need support for live, they need support for education and health.