Our Projects

Optimal Health Program

In October 2014, we launched “The Optimal Health Program”, reaching out to untouched parts and villages of Nepal. In a perspective of “prevention” rather than “reaction”. We aim to prevent illness through efficient hygiene training, awareness programs and nutritional advice. Our actions are twofold: “First Aid” trained two village representatives. In case of an emergency … read more

Organic Farming

We work alongside an organic farm in Nepal and intend to pass on this knowledge. Rolling out farms like these throughout the country ensures quality and sustainable food for everyone. Not only is there more and more evidence that chemically based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to our health, but the strongest argument … read more

Holistic Healing Center

For Mingma Sherpa, for Prashant, for Mendu Sherpa – for the children we supported and for the other children in need, we are now fundraising for the creation of a holistic healing center. This is where we combine nutrition, psychological support, counseling, sports and leisure with conventional treatment to optimize their chance of recovery. The … read more

Art Therapy Project

The Nepal earthquake with magnitude 7.5 on April 25, 2015 has left tremendous scars both physically and psychologically. Aftershocks continued for months shaking all foundations of human existence. Many children were orphaned and a general fear of being indoors has become common among everybody. “Smile for Hope” has therefore started am Art Therapy Project, first … read more

Thuli’s House

Thuli’s house is a symbolic landmark in Lapsefedi where “Smile for Hope” was cleaning debris when the second big earthquake of magnitude 7.5 took everybody by surprise.