Ashish Neupane

The story of Ashish Neupane and Smile for Hope

We had received some information about the 5 years boy Aasis Neupane son of Kriparam Neupane resident of Bajura District. We received this information from Nepal based NGO Joining Hands for change and they recommend to meet our organization for accommodation in Kathmandu. This family was from very poor background and very remote area. They were leaving their place on 27 January
and they arrived in Kathmandu on Feb. 01 so took 5 days to be here. They were coming Kathmandu for Urinary Operation of 5 years boy. Smile for Hope Nepal team visited boy and his father in Nepal office and brought to them at the smile for hope home away from home. They stayed with us for a one month and half.
The boy, Ashish Neupane from Bajura left home away from home for 2 months according to doctor. Ashish got one operation of the urinary and needed more 2 to 3 operation in the gap of two months. So, they made plan to come to Kathmandu for next operation as per doctor’s advice and the time almost gone but they didn’t appear at home and they didn’t make any call to any staffs of the smile for Hope. Smile for Hope tried to reach them over phone but couldn’t be able. But we didn’t get back and were keep trying to talk to them finally we got chance to talk to them over phone and bring them back to hospital and cooperate them for further steps of the treatment. Now, he is fine and need them to back to Kathmandu again after 6 months. They went back to home.

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