Ayushma Shrestha (Newar)

The story of Ayushma Shrestha and Smile for Hope

Ayushma Newar, a cute, kind and determined little 2 years old from Chinnebot -8, Syanga, a small village in the central district of Syangja in Nepal – has diagnosed with Standard Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. She is now in Kathmandu (Kanti Children Hospital) for treatment and has so far been responding well to the chemotherapy. However, Ayushma came from an underprivileged background and for a critical chance of survival. She will need health-care for the coming two years.
Dr. Prakash found Ayushma’s family are having problem with accommodation in Kathmandu and referred Ayusma’s case to Smile for Hope with our contact no. then got in touch with Smile for Hope. Ayushma’s family cannot afford the treatment needed but funds are now crucial for her survival.
Being a cancer patient in Nepal comes with strong taboos and stigmas and generally someone afflicted will be considered an exile.
Families with their afflicted children who travel to Kathmandu, sometimes a two to three-days walk, end up living there under appalling circumstances. And this complete absence of hygiene seriously jeopardizes their chance of recovery.
Despite the same treatment protocol as used in the western world, chances of survival in Nepal are 10 to 14 % compared to 85 to 90% in developed countries for the same form of cancer. Death is usually due to infections, very low immunity and lack of adequate nutritional, emotional and psychological support.
Ayushma’s Father made contact more than 5 NGO’s in Nepal for small help but he didn’t get proper reply from any NGO’s. Finally, he made contact to Smile for Hope through Ayushma’s treating doctor, Dr. Prakash. Smile for Hope team immediately visited them after a call at the Kanti Hospital in Kathmandu and bring them to Home Away from Home same day. Smile for Hope is invested in providing her with accommodation, food, care and love and making sure all holistic aspects in Kathmandu, wholesome nutrition and psychological and emotional support for her and her family, are covered. Ayushma like all her little contemporaries deserves a viable chance to build and keep the strength to fight and live.
Ayushma, and her family is now at our Home Away from Home. This is a care center for pediatric cancer patients where we have been helping and caring pediatric cancer children through the often extremely daunting periods of chemotherapy. Here, they find a clean, safe environment, support for their healthy, nutritious meals and accommodation they even get the chance to do some indoor sports. These children find companions in each other instead of being treated as outcasts and we believe this holistic approach to be extremely beneficial to their healing chances.

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