Saresma Chaudhary

The story of Saresma Chaudhary and Smile for Hope

Saresma Chaudhary, a sweet, kind and strong-minded little 5 years old from Saudiyar-8, small village in the western part district of Nepal – has been diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. She is now in Kathmandu for treatment and her chemotherapy was started on 7 April, 2016 and so far been responding well to the chemotherapy. However, Saresma comes from an underprivileged background and for a vital chance of survival. She will need health-care for the coming two and a half years and funds are urgently needed for chemotherapy, appropriate nutrition and ample housing for Saresma and her Mother in Kathmandu.

Smile for Hope found this sweet girl at the Kanti Children Hospital in the cooperation of the Dr. Prakash Nidhi Tiwari and visited her family renting home in Dallu, Kathmandu. When team visited the home renting by this family found so dirty with bad smell. The house was located in the crowd area and there was no space for playing Saresma and others family’s children who have been staying at that building. The entrance point of the house was full of dust because the Garment factory was running on the ground floor. Family room was small with one bed and kitchen rack and need to light in the day. So we decided to bring her at S4H Home Away from Home immediately.

Smile for Hope started to work on essential paper and mutual coordination with Doctor to collect all the health report of Saresma. Dr. Pakash Nidhi Tiwari of Kanti helped this family to make relation with Smile for Hope. Saresma’s family cannot afford the treatment needed but funds are now essential for Saresma’s survival.

They were looking treatment support to Saresma and they never get the way to find any supportive hands for Saresma’s accommodation, food and treatment. But at Smile for Hope our commitment to Saresma and her family is not only financial. While Saresma is in professional hands with her treating doctor, Dr. Prakash at the Kanti Hospital in Kathmandu, Smile for Hope brought her to its own Home S4H Home Away from Home and providing her with the medicine, food and accommodation. She needs and making sure all holistic aspects such as appropriate stay at home, wholesome nutrition and psychological and emotional support for her and her family, are covered. Smile for Hope started to cooperate with essential things for Saresma and her family. She was enjoying at our Home and her health was progressively increase with blood report and she never got other health issues like fever, cold and vomiting during her 6 months stay at Home Away from Home. Smile for Hope Nepal team always been supportive and caring for these children.

Saresma also got into the maintenance stage and they went back to home.  She only needs to come to Kathmandu once a month for injection. Her last medical report was amazing and unbelievable, doctor said.  We still make call to her parents to know the situation of Saresma. We are keeping contact time and again to Saresma’s family. She is also staying at Smile for Hope Home Away from Home during her hospital visit in Kathmandu. Let’s wish her for healthy, happy and beautiful life ahead.

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