May 2016 – One Year After the Major Earthquake

Since last year’s earthquakes in Nepal “Smile for Hope” has taken many turns.

Then, we were planning our holistic health center – mainly for the pediatric cancer patients – and we were educating the population of these same remote areas on personal hygiene and how to make utmost use of their resources. But once the quakes shook the country and caused immeasurable devastation we too, reacted on the immediate needs of as many people as possible. We intervened with disaster relief programmes. distributing sleeping bags, industrial gloves and clothing by the bulk; rebuilt 67 houses in Lapsefedi, built several temporary learning center for the children in Jyamdi; held two art therapy programmes in Kathmandu and a number of mobile medical camps, and more,…
Now the time has come to return to our initial project: the “Smile for Hope” health care center, our “Home away from Home”

We have been working with pediatric cancer patients since the beginnings in 2012 and what remains striking is the lack of support they experience during and after treatment. To the extent that statistics will claim that the chance of survival of a child in Nepal is 10% as opposed to 90% in the more developed parts of the world even if it’s the exact same form of cancer. Simply because of the lack of care, hygiene, nutrients and beneficial atmosphere. Going back to our initial focus and mission “Smile for Hope” is picking up where we left before the earthquakes and returning to the health care center we had initially planned. This will be a “home away from home” where pediatric cancer patients will be supported both emotionally and physically during and after their treatment.

We are currently working with pediatricians, oncologists, cancer centers and other key actors (cancer survivors and sports organisations) to back up our holistic well-being protocol in order to develop the best possible support for these children. We will offer organic gardening and other forms of tutoring; there will be recreational sports for their mental and physical health, healing arts, art therapies. And for our financial sustainability, we shall include a bakery to supply organic pastries!