Optimal Health Program

Since October 2014, we have launched “The Optimal Health Program”, reaching out to untouched parts and villages of Nepal.
In a perspective of “prevention” rather than “reaction”, we aim to prevent illness through efficient hygiene training, awareness programs and nutritional advice.

Our actions are twofold:

  • “First Aid” train two village representatives. In case of an emergency situation they can attend to it immediately and with two representatives we are sure to always have one available. Once their training is completed, we set up a first aid facility in that village.
    The training is provided by the Shechen Clinic and financed by “Smile for Hope”:
  • Health screening of school-children by means of mobile medical camps in the remote areas of Kathmandu to start with, and later the remote parts of Nepal.

Our first medical camp took place in October 2014 in Lapsefedi and will be held for a duration of 6 months.